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{September 23, 2008}   The Best Public Transportation in our city I Think….

First of all, if I have asked to made a scheme of a public transportation by taking the Indonesian people habits into my consideration, I think its to hard to make it real. There are too many problems which pursuing or catching in our country. From capital money (this is the biggest one I think), area (for way or maybe street), Indonesian people’s permission (can be accepted or not), the technology to make it real, natural effect (maybe look in energy which limited or irreplaceable or something tat will destroy our natural), cultural position ( sometimes it may create a contra with conservative people or rules) , skills (human) to operate it and to prevent or protect it including our mentality, operational organization I think also need to be attention( because I think it will not clear if this part not correct or well), and other things that must be considered. So, from all above I think it’s too hard to make a great or fantastic or excellent one. Like other big countries, for example is subway, shinkansen, traffic, etc. It’s still impossible for now. Just look at our country. Did we have money for tat???? No, we have no money for it! It will need a lot of money. Too much…., also for corruptor which will make this project as business yet.

So, I can’t make scheme by something like that. I just wanna talk about the possible happened here. And, today, what is we had had? Yah! Right! Trans-Jogja and Electrical train (still in Jakarta and tats one is needed to talking about for the opportunity to carry out in Jogja).

As we know, nowadays, there was crowded street in Indonesia. Including to our lovely city, Ngayogjakarto Hadidiningrat, Its cause by the increasing of private transportation like cars. This case, have given impact to other transportation problems like increasing the number of accident. It is common??? Did you feel comfort to this situation?? I guess not!

For, Trans-Jogja, we just need to talk little more bout the comfortable and facilities tat must to be carefully. What problems for now?? Yap!!! Time!!! It is the one to be attention now. We need correct and stable time schedule which sure and can be trusting. All about the times when buses coming and when the buses going. It is true, right?? I think it’s important to us because we’ll don’t need to worry tat will be late from our schedule or activity. We can make regulating to it. And the second point like we had talked in last class, it’s about the supporting transportation for the bus. Its better formed near the bus stop. Something like bike rent. It will be success I think. Because, sometimes the distance between bus stop and the place where we going to it’s too far by walking. Bus stop is not always and certainly found in our place destiny right?? And of course it can be job vacancy or something like tat. And the last solution to make it success just to make it free cost. I know tat it still impossible to our country but I think the government need to look at this space. It’s to make better life right?? It’s for give solution to our problems transportation right? We want the best regulation condition right?? Did you know? In some big counties like Russia, AS, UK, etc, they get free traffic and it’s done. It was succeeded. People prefer use traffic than their own cars. So I think this case need to be thinking over. Yah, it’s all my opinion bout trans-Jogja. I think all of it will make trans-jogja more success. Hope people will change their private cars to trans-Jogja.

Then, for electrical train, is possible in Jogja? It wills success? I don’t know. Actually, I little don’t like whether this transportation will create in Jogja. Yah, as we know tat Jakarta has large ways, not like Jogja. Our area is too small to consider in Jakarta. And this one is not effective. The second reason, did we have any street to remake over as train reels??? Also we need to found the stations in every destiny. Third, did we have enough money?? As I know for electrical train in Jakarta, our government had closed too much money. And beside tat we had had trans-Jogja right?? Why not to close up money to make it free cost??? Beside of tat, actually I will love to have electrical train in Jogja in spite of difficult. I wanna try to feel / use it. It so amazing I think.

Just my opinion………


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