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{September 20, 2008}   I LOVE WEAR JEANS

I love wear a jean. I don’t wear a jean all my time but almost in my out-house activity. Hang out with my friends, go to church, and date with my boyfriend and other situation moreover in almost formal situation. I think almost the reason had talked in second meeting so maybe I just wanna tell a little more opinion in this writing. Ya , jeans are comfortable, flexible, affordable, durable(I don’t know it have mentioned or not in last meeting), fashionable, and other reason had talked yet.

Is it tradition??? I don’t know. My family also wears jeans. Jeans are usual for us. Maybe it possible to say that because the first reason I know anything about jeans is from my parent. They tell me about pants and buying me jeans. All my pants are jeans and the other is skirts. I have 2 brother and they have same condition. Except my big brother because he is already mature of course he have other pants except jean but he still have and like to wear jeans. My family like and love to wear jeans. So it is tradition??? Can be.

Identity??? I don’t know what’s meaning of tat statement. Identity for what? I just like wearing jeans in almost my out-bond activity. Jeans are very popular cloth in the world, so maybe it’s my identity to be ‘exist’ in my social life. Tats the prove I following mode.

Prestige??? Yes. I think it have related. I have prestige from my parent, my friends, social community, and the most from style mode. All my family, my friends, and almost people in my social community have and wear jeans. There are to many models in media (especially magazine and TV) wears jeans. I had said tat I following mode right??

Peer pressure??? Does it matter?? I think not. I think “Kraton Kasultanan Jogja” (empire of Jogja) never ever force or ask their people to wear jeans. No rule for it. (Maybe to wear batik or ‘kebaya’ but it still hasn’t a rule for it. So do for government. And I wear jeans because of my own. I wears clothes just what I want to wear. No matter.

So there is a little thing for me. And now I just wanna tell my private reason to wear jeans. It’s for look, attractively & fashion. New jeans may start out a bit stiff, but after they’ve been worn and washed once or twice, the fabric becomes much softer. The density of the fabric makes them hard to tear, they are slow to absorb most stains, and they “breathe” so that your legs stay warm in a draft but don’t get overly warm during energetic work or play. And it best for my activity which can not keep to sitting. They’re durable and dust off easily if you’ve been working in them.

I never have to worry about what to wear with them. Just about everything goes with a great pair of jeans. It can be match with anything cloth. For example T-shirt, shirt, and anything in top cloth. It’s ok for almost condition. I just match on with top cloth which fit or consider to de situation, condition, place, and time. It’s so simple right?? And I love every instant thing. I love instant style. So, jeans are my favorite pants because it’s so simple and instant pants for my instant life style.

The basic design hasn’t changed much over the years, and ‘is still available’ so even if I can’t find or have not enough money to buy any of this “trend’s fashion” (which booming) pants that fit or look good, I can always find a new pair of jeans.

And the last, whenever we wear jeans its doesn’t matter whatever if we have so much mean or mean less, ‘trendy’ or not, fashionable or not, whatever our body looks, its all DOES NOT needed. In jeans everything is same. No matter we are rich or poor, it’s closer with jeans. Because from rich person till poor person wear jeans. So, I can feel comfort and same with other people whenever I wear jeans. I can feel tat I same to the other people. We are same. So, I don’t need lose my confidence right?

It’s all just my opinion…….]loe


alem says:

actually i hv been dreaming u wearing tight jeans and sexy t-shirt….

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