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{September 20, 2008}   Am I a hero???? Maybe!

Hey… did hero just doing goodness in right way?? I mean, if someone need our help (very very need) but the situation ask you to do not help him/her, did you follow it?? We still help somebody which need our helped but because of it, we against the rule. Did it still called a hero?? I did it. I know its wrong but its all about to spare to my friend more than get the rule right. Its all about love and help my friend is the most important. When I did it, I didn’t afraid to the rule. Ok! Here my story…maybe you will not agree with me…but it’s ok, I never regret of it. Whatever people said.

I had final exams for my high school, you know, its UNAS. And I think the exam is usual, it’s not too difficult but there are some of my friends has problems to it, so I helped them. I transferred my answering to my friends by phone (sms). I know it’s wrong, but, my friends more need my kindly better than my honesty. I do it for three my friends and it just in two lessons, chemistry and physic. At last, I know tat it was not only me but there are too much students doing tat. In the fact, it’s usual for student. And I have no regret. Never mind! I forgot the date I had my final exams but it take place in my school (SMA N 2 Yk). Please don’t tell them. Just keep it in secret.

Although wrong, I think you can get tat it is important for us. You know if we didn’t pass the exam we couldn’t passed our high school. So, it’s all our life. I think I m happy to helped my friends. I will so sad and crying if they didn’t pass their high school moreover its show that I m useful…..if we have ability why not to share to the other? Just think over in love side, and you will get what I mean. For my friends it’s clear that all of thing which I doing are so useful and have so much meaning. In the end of the exam they came to me and said their thank you to me and got me free steak in WS. More than it, I know they will “harakiri” (kill their life) if they didn’t pass their high school. Its mean I save their life. Keep them still alive. So, they also said tat I’m angel for them( so nice). It’s not bad right???]loe


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